About Us

SleepBetterTexas  Insomnia Clinics is a multi-modal sleep treatment clinic focusing on evidence-based, non-pharmaceutical treatments for insomnia and other behavioral sleep disorders.  The Insomnia Clinics specializes in collaboration with physicians and their staff to serve patients with a need for cognitive behavioral treatment of insomnia.

Founded by Dr. Marcia Lindsey, clinical psychologist and sleep specialist, the Insomnia Clinics combines the expertise of Dr. Lindsey’s mental health and sleep backgrounds with solid research findings on insomnia treatment, in keeping with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Practice Parameters on Treatment of Chronic Insomnia.

Service to patients, rapid response to and collaborative efforts with physicians and a firm, scientific foundation are the hallmarks of the Insomnia Clinics.

Dr. Lindsey also collaborates with two other practices in the treatment of insomnia:

  • Sugar Land Neurology and Sleep, M.D., P.A. headed by M. Faisal Khan, M.D., Board Certified in both Neurology and in Sleep Medicine at 1111 Hwy 6 Suite 275 Sugar Land, TX 77478. www.sugarlandneurologist.net
  • Center for Optimal Brain Health, headed by Holly Carlson Zhao, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist at 2603 Augusta, Ste 260, Houston, TX 77057. www.cfobh.com

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